Funkwhale federation error : Bad Request: /api/v1/federation/libraries/fetch/

I’ve installed the funkwhale package app and it look like I can’t get my instance to federate. For exemple when I tried to follow this library : I have

Could not fetch remote library

    Error while fetching the library: 403 Client Error: Forbidden for url:

My syslog show :

Django.request WARNING  Bad Request: /api/v1/federation/libraries/fetch/
[INFO] ('', 51048) - "POST /api/v1/federation/libraries/fetch/ HTTP/1.1" 400
[INFO] ('', 51058) - "GET /api/v1/activity?token=XXXX HTTP/1.1" 200
Jan  5 18:00:00 yunohost1 funkwhale-worker[550]: 2020-01-05 17:00:00,101 funkwhale_api.federation.tasks INFO     Launching periodic nodeinfo refresh on 0 domains

Seems the problem come from the api : When I acces https://fwdomain/api/v1/federation/libraries/fetch/ I have Method \"GET\" not allowed

See also here :

ps : yunohost is behind a reverse proxy in a lxc container. I have problems with ssl (see Custom ssl certificate), maybe that’s what cause the problem ?

Apparently I’m missing a chain/intermediate certificate. (according to

I just had to follow instructions here :

thx to Eliot Berriot for the tip :smiley:

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