[Friendica] Install Fails (due to Composer?)

VirtualBox VM (Debian)

YunoHost version:
4.1.8 (stable)

I have access to my server :
Through SSH | through the webadmin | direct access via keyboard / screen

Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? Yes, as well as I would like to mention that I am using this all locally on network. None of it is accessible from WWW, hopefully this isn’t my issue. All other aspects of YunoHost seem to be working as expected so far. Pretty vanilla build so far, only 2 other apps installed: PiHole+InvoiceNinja

If yes, please explain:
I had checked ‘printenv’ and did not see either HOME or COMPOSER_HOME variables listed. Just to be clear, I am using the VM img that ships from YunoHost site, which I believe is running Debian (v10 ?, only installed yesterday). Since the env vars weren’t set, I went ahead and added both the HOME and COMPOSER_HOME variables to /etc/environment and rebooted to ensure changes were applied globally. I double checked also to ensure they appeared when I used the ‘printenv’ cmd upon reboot.

Description of my issue

what you are trying to achieve
I am trying to install the Friendica application via the YunoHost web UI.

provide detailed error messages and logs if you can.

In the YunoHost webUI, the notifications that appear at the top of the page included the snippet below. Everything went fine through configuring php-fpm and then when it hit the composer part, it freaked and the install failed, at which point it rolls back all its changes to ‘uninstall’ anything its done up to the point of failure. Notification trail below, listest newest to oldest as it displays on webUI.

Could not complete the operation 'Install the 'friendica' app'. Please provide the full log of this operation by clicking here to get help

Unable to install friendica: An error occurred inside the app installation script

The HOME or COMPOSER_HOME environment variable must be set for composer to run correctly


Configuring php-fpm...

After checking over the log (from url above), from what I could decipher, like I mentioned before, it fails around the PHP to Composer steps. Seems all is well until it hits the line that tries to kick off the composer.phar file.

I know a bit about PHP, but I admittedly don’t know anything about composer. I did double check to ensure that both composer and PHP were able to be run from multiple directories, without their associated full file paths to confirm their environment variables were working (this was of course, after I had added the HOME and COMPOSER_HOME variables in /etc/environment).

It seems my steps to ensure php and composer would run without issue should’ve resolved the error I receive when trying to install the Friendica app via the YunoHost webUI, but it doesnt. Does any one have any ideas, past experience or suggestions on what I should try next?

Thank you for taking the time to look this all over, any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

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