[Friendica] '@' direct mentions don't trigger notifications for others

I have reported this on Github, but wanted to mention it here too.

At least in the latest version of Friendica (2023.12~ynh2), when I tag someone in a post or a reply using an @ symbol, the recipient is not notified, and my post/reply appears silently in their main feed and not in their notifications section.

I have tested this via a test account on libranet.de, and it works as expected there – tagging someone in a post notifies them that I’m talking about (or to) them.

@Eolab - have you noticed this too?

Is cron job properly running? What happens if you trigger it manually?:

sudo -u friendica /usr/bin/php8.2 -f /var/www/friendica/bin/worker.php

I believe so. I set it up as I explained here (except I modified mine to run every up-to-2 minutes rather than up to 10), and @OniriCorpe has said they’re working on replacing the cron job with a daemon at some stage.

Edit: I just triggered the cron job manually anyway and made a test post – no change in behaviour.

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Was there any output from manual run? Perhaps you need to run it after making a post? Don’t really know how mentions work in Friendica and I came empty handed from brief code digging, perhaps they’re not based on cron jobs and that’s just a red herring.

No, no output in the terminal or in the logs.
Running the cron job manually immediately after making a post just pushes the message to other people – it doesn’t notify them. (Tested with my Mastodon account just now.)

I ran a test sending the message to a circle consisting of only a few of my own accounts.

Someone on my local Friendica server, but not in my contacts - mention was not properly applied/recognized (makes sense)
Other Friendica server - proper notification for @-mention, same as on local server
Mastodon contact - proper notification for @-mention
Local self hosted Diaspora server - proper notification for @-mention
Other Diaspora server - proper notification for @-mention as on local Diaspora server

After the contact on my local server was added to the contact list - I sent a new message to the same circle now including this contact. It now works as expected on my local server. Other instances receiving the message received it as a normal message.

So I’d say in my case the @mention is working.

I updated Friendica to the latest branch as explained here, and notifications now pop up as they should when I send @-mentioned messages. :slight_smile: Success!

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