Fresh install of YnH 2.5 and email issue


I have just installed a fresh YnH on a fresh VPS from scaleway with ipv6 activated.
Yunohost 2.5 stable is instaled, Let’s Encrypt, added baikal, roundcube and added a single user.

It is a very simple and quite common situation.

The DNS should be OK, I put the right IPs and also the DKIM key given by YnH in the domain tab.

After all of this, it seems that I have difficulties sending emails, rmilter does a “connection refused” and dkim key is not added.

Do you have similar result and issues ?


I dug up recently in my email configuration, and still indicates that I have no DKIM signature. It seems our problems are the same.
Indeed, my mail.warn log is reading “postfix/smtpd[24730]: warning: connect to Milter service unix:/run/rmilter/rmilter.sock: Connection refused”

Does the team have any advice to fix that ? I run 2.7.14 on a RPI3-debian jessie, and I’m available for more logs (or opening a ticket somewhere) :slight_smile:

I see also this error in syslog
systemd[1]: Cannot add dependency job for unit rmilter.socket, ignoring: Unit rmilter.socket failed to load: No such file or directory.

Maybe there is a name error between rmilter.sock (used by postfix) and rmilter.socket (used by systemd) ?

Can you check that your postfix conf is “up to date” and that you didnt modify it manually somehow ? (you or an app …)

You can do so with yunohost service regen-conf postfix --dry-run -d

Yes, I tried it (from another thread). As of now, it returns nothing, so I assume my conf is up to date ?

PS : I don’t want to disturb you from the brique Camp, it can wait a few days as my emails are still accepted by other mail servers :wink:

Iz okay :yum:

Well anyway that might be some remaining thing from the past - as far as I remember, some part of the rmilter / sockets were removed at some point. Though I don’t remember all the technical details

Imho I would just migrate to 3.x even though I understand it’s a touchy operation

Yep, that seems the best way to go. Let’s get started !
Related question : Does the ynh migration process ( ensure the system migration as well ? like from rasbian jessie to raspbian stretch ?