Framaforms stand-alone form



I would like to publish just one plain form for a website, nothing else. I don’t want this yellow login panel (with username and password fields) to be shown and I don’t want the main Framaforms link to be shown.

How could I hide those two things?

Thank you!!

If you are in admin mode, you can access the drupal administration top bar and customize your instance if you know how to make change in drupal.

An other way could be to introduce some css rules inside the page.

Note if your are not log in, there should not be “main Framaforms link to be shown”. But you are right about the yellow login form.

Thank you @ljf

That sounds like something not easy for me…

But, just in case any day I dare to play with it, how would I get into that admin mode?

The user who log in framaforms need the Framaforms (admin) permission (go in Webadmin > Users > Manage Groups and Permissions to add it)

Thank you!
I can access now the Drupal administration top bar.
I still don’t know how to remove the yellow login thing, but I have found this website:

Maybe I can ask there.

The solution for the yellow block is here:

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