FOSDEM - Let's use Fedora's knowledge to grow (meeting cancelled)

As many already know, I’m a Fedora contributor (

I asked Pingou (Pagure’s creator and long term infrastructure actor) to meet us at Fosdem, mainly for him to share it’s knowledge about tools for Linux distribution to see if one of them can be some use for our great aventure.

I’m mainly thinking about:

In bonus, I also think we should move to Pagure someday, but this is another subjet, our git plateform works fine, the only issue is it uses github, which is a centralization issue.

But I assume we can also learn a lot from Fedora about how to improve our package source management, signing, etc.

I’ll be please to have some people of infra, dev and apps groups here to exchange with him.
Would it be possible for some of you?

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I’m a bit late in answering, but I wanted to estimate my chances to participate to FOSDEM… Now I know, they are about 0 :disappointed_relieved:
Anyway, I think that is a nice idea: Any field experience can help us… and Fedora is not the least important one! :thumbsup:
How do you plan the discussion to get going? I guess it could span on an entire day! :smile:

Well, I just realized I wont be able attend FOSDEM either :frowning: and key contributors expressed on XMPP an interest on the subject, but later in the year. Recent server issues gave everyone too much infrastructure works, need to focus on something else :stuck_out_tongue:

So, we’ll make this happen next year hopefully! No need to hurry.