Force password authentication for admin user with sudo



By default on my installation, the admin user can use sudo without password authentication.

I changed this behaviour in order to force asking password when using sudo (for the record, I changed the value sudoOption: !authenticate to sudoOption: authenticate in LDAP for dn: cn=admin,ou=sudo,dc=yunohost,dc=org)

The server has been running fine for some months, until I tried to update the owncloud app:

# yunohost upgrade
Exécution du script...
+ set -e
+ APP=owncloud
++ echo -n own
++ echo cloud
+ APPNAME=owncloud
++ echo -n owncloud
++ echo -8.2.0
+ SOURCES=owncloud-8.2.0
++ sudo yunohost app setting owncloud domain
sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified
+ domain=
WARNING:root:unable to upgrade apps: [Errno 5] Échec de l'installation
Erreur : Impossible de mettre à jour toutes les applications

Doing it through sudo from admin user or directly from root doesn’t change the result.
Turning back the default behaviour, no password authentication for sudo, fixed the problem.

I made the update with sudoOption: !authenticate and turn it back to sudoOption: authenticate after upgrade.

Is it possible to run Yunohost with sudoOption: authenticate set for admin user?