For discussion - server migration - from home to hosting

Hello, do someone have advice about how to handle a migration an home server with several hundreds of GB of data from my home to a paid service?

There is only a few users on my server.
Let’s say my domain name is

For system, my idea was:

  • on server 1 make a system backup of
  • make server 1 out of reach (in my case, stop VPN)
  • install server 2 using the domain: (using /etc/hosts to make it work)
  • on server 2: restore backup from server 1
  • change DNS setting to make sure points on server 2

The issue is about nextcloud data, about 300 GB. I don’t really know how to proceed because even with optic fiber, it takes ages and the transfer can fail at any time.

Any suggestions about how you would do?
Maybe other did similar migration in the past?

thanks for your help

I think you should use rsync to avoid issues with network instability.
You should test your bandwidth between your servers. And next compute estimation of time.
if you have an ADSL, it will take around 1 month to transfert.
With optic fiber, it depends of your up rate. Could be 1 weeks if you have 5Mbps or 7hours if you have 100Mbps.

If it will take too long consider to ask your friend for uploading from their home with better bandwidth.