Find bottleneck on my YNH instance


I’m using successfully YNH. Anyhow, i feel it is slow to respond. How can i troubleshoot all parts (network, app, system) to find what i should do to improve user experience ?

Example: Seafile. As soon as i clic on Seafile, it takes at least 20 seconds to load app. Same for Kanboard, although we are more in 10s.
I would like to troubleshoot: network (hosting on ADSL2 link), hardware (Core i3 6th gen / 4Gb ram), System (although i guess php use caches and so on). Yunohost is not totally dedicated: a samba share is running alongside YNH.

Thank you in advance if you can help me to find the bottleneck and check if everything is ok. I’m not running emails so perhaps there are some issues on this side (YNH running into timeouts in example).

YNH with some diagnostics in red (especially only 443 port open and emails).


Mon YNH a une faible performance, et je cherche à comprendre d’où cela peut venir (YNH sur lien ADSL2).
Par exemple Seafile met jusqu’à 20s pour se lancer, et c’est pareil pour Kanboard.
Je voudrais du coup diagnostiquer tout ça, réseau, matériel et système pour voir ce qui me ralentit le plus. Réseau c’est ADSL2 derriere livebox avec port 443 uniquement ouvert, hardware un Core i3 6th gen avec 4Go de RAM, système à voir si j’ai des optimisations PHP possible (cache, etc). Questions applications, c’est Kanboad, Seafile, Piwigo, Wordpress. La machine fait tourner également un partage samba.
Au dela du top / iotop / des statistiques netdata, j’ai un peu de mal à voir ce qui se passe. Si vous avez des idées, merci à vous !

Hard drive or SSD? What model? :slight_smile:

HDD, i think WD red (so for NAS), 1To.

Did you test from inside and outside of your network ?
DSL lines sometime have a really small upload speed.

You should verify that your domain name resolution inside your yunohost instance is not slow:

dig A

You should also check that your samba share is not publicly exposed (if yes it’s a major security issue).

You could perform some IO performance test on your HDD with dd, for example with:

dd if=/dev/zero of=test bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync && rm -rf test

More info on: HOWTO Test Disk I/O Performance - LinuxReviews

The command iostat could help you to know how your cpu wait your IO (%iowait value).

I have my yunohost server behind routeur, adsl 10M download / 1M upload. With speedtest, I get 800kb/100kb.
So if I want to connect from the outside, the server will upload at max 100kb, sometimes lower when other devices are downloading or uploading.
I notice slow apps from outside the lan like nextcloud, seafile, etc… Some others that are lighter or have been cashed, are faster.
Check your speedtest especially upload speed. While opening your apps from the remote device, monitor the network activity (in my phone for example, I see the download speed in the notification area that is at max 100ko, the max of my network upload)
(I hope you understood me)

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