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Hello guys.

I use digital ocean droplet with an installed Debian 10 and script installed yunohost through ssh…

I have the following question. I use two applications, one is music player app and the other is Synchthing file synchronize. The way I want to use them both is by updating the library from the Synchthing app with music let’s say and then Funkwhale detecting the new stuff.

However, the problem is when I use different than the app directory location. Apps are isolated in their own directories and cannot read other file destinations.

Is there anyway I can configure them to do so?

This is gonna be pretty awesome setup if it works out, I am sure it’s possible…

Thanks in advance…


It usually depends on the app, but normally, most apps dealing with multimedia files should be packaged to use the multimedia folder.
But as I have absolutely no knowledge of the apps you use, I do not know.
If they do not work with the multimedia folder, you can either request it in an issue in the app git repo, or do it manually by using symlinks on your server, so each folder point to the same place.

Take care of unanticipated side effects of doing this, for example, do not put files in NextCloud data folder directly, it has a special feature to work with files not managed by it. Maybe the apps you want to use have limitatipns like this.

I would like to clarify your question @rodreage . Are you wanting to have Syncthing add files to another folder besides Default. You also want Funkwhale to read this same folder to add to its library?

Yes buddy exactly, I want to sync my music folder with the library folder of my music player app that I’ve installed. So I drag and drop a music file into my pc directory it gets synced and I can see it in my music player online lol :slight_smile: Hope it makes sense, doesn’t matter which app I use, as long as they are in different directories in doesn’t work. When I specify a directory outside of syncthing app to add files it simply says no premissions.

If I make this work, it’ll be a pretty neat setup, I’d also want to do the same thing with pictures, documents etc…

Now I can make a simple python or bash script with a cron to move different file types to different directories but it seems unreasonable if it can be set the easy way.

I am still new to the inner workings of yunohost, but I suspect that you can just make that third folder owned by a group of which the syncthing and funkwhale users are both members of.

So you would need to make a group and add the service users as members. Then you would need to change the group ownership of the third folder to be that new group.

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Yunohost media folders are made for this kind of shared usage. However I don’t know how both Funkwhale and Syncthing apps are managing it, to be checked.

okay I did it guys, nice !

Thank you all for your help @presgas appreciate it man, don’t know why it didn’t came into my mind first lol…
The solution was:
chown -R syncthing:syncthing /home/yunohost.multimedia/share/Music

I set the music folder from syncthing to be at that destination and there were no permissions issues when synced…

Now when I upload music I get it to my music player as well!

Thanks a ton!


Nice ! You may select @presgas’ message as a solution for the thread to be marked as solved :slight_smile:


Yup, done mate, new here… :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum and hope you like Yunohost :+1:

So glad that worked for you!!

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