fail2ban authentication issue


Few weeks ago, I did a migration from Wheezy to Jessie. Having a look to the fail2ban log files, I found that they were empty. Indeed:

$ sudo service fail2ban status
fail2ban.service - LSB: Start/stop fail2ban
Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/fail2ban)
Active: active (exited) since Thu 2016-01-21 18:38:07 CET; 15h ago

Jan 21 18:38:06 myServerName fail2ban[1782]: Starting authentication failure monitor: fail2banERROR Found no accessible config files for 'filter.d/sasl' under /etc/fail2ban
Jan 21 18:38:06 myServerName fail2ban[1782]: ERROR Unable to read the filter
Jan 21 18:38:06 myServerName fail2ban[1782]: ERROR Errors in jail 'sasl'. Skipping...
Jan 21 18:38:07 myServerName fail2ban[1782]: failed!

Could it be that, after the upgrade to Jessie, I need to reconfigure (dpkg-reconfigure) one of the following yunohost services?
yunohost-config / yunohost-config-others / yunohost-config-slapd

Thanks for your support !

Let’s say it another way: is that safe to reconfigure the following yunohost services on a running server?
yunohost-config / yunohost-config-others / yunohost-config-slapd


Sorry to insist, but nobody can tell if it could be an issue to reconfigure the yunohost services on a quite-well-running server, to try fixing that problem?
Or if it is safe to try it?

I think it is safe to reconfigure yunohost-config-others if you didn’t make custom change in your config files.

Thank you for your feedback. I did “reconfigure yunohost-config-others” but it did not fixed the issue.

I was still missing the file “filter.d/sasl.conf” in the folder “/etc/fail2ban/filter.d/:grimacing:

Finally, I have taken the “sasl.conf” content from this page:

Then, I have restarted the service and now it is working fine…

The strange thing is how did that file has disappeared ?!?