[Facilmap] Collaborative maps and routing with a straightforward interface

Facilmap for YunoHost

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Install facilmap with YunoHost


FacilMap is a privacy-friendly, open-source versatile online map that combines different services based on OpenStreetMap and makes it easy to find places, plan routes and create custom maps full of markers, lines and routes. Features include:

  • Different map styles for roads, topography, cycling, hiking, public transportation, water navigation, …
  • Search for places and show their information (website, opening hours, …)
  • Calculate routes and adjust them by dragging. An elevation profile can be shown.
  • Smartphone-friendly interface.
  • Create and share custom maps with markers, lines and routes on them.
  • Open GPX/KML/OSM/GeoJSON files and save them on a custom map.
  • Define custom styles of markers, lines and routes and generate a legend automatically.
  • Define custom form fields for the details of markers, lines and routes.
  • API to embed custom maps into a website and to modify them programmatically.
  • Extensive documentation.

Shipped version: 3.3.0~ynh1

Demo: https://facilmap.org/


Install facilmap on YunoHost:

$ yunohost app install facilmap

Documentation and resources


I just tried to install it (from my phone) and here is the screen displayed :

When I try to install another app, there is no problem.

Thanks for reporting the issue @Mamie. This should now be resolved in facilmap_ynh-3.3.0~ynh2.
You can retry installing it passing the repository (GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/facilmap_ynh: Facilmap package for YunoHost ) to “Install custom app” section. (Maybe to install it simply choosing it in apps list, there is a delay for the new version to be taken into consideration.)

The app is now installed, from the web admin :slightly_smiling_face:

I still have a question : is it possible to have the interface public, while limitating the map creation to logged-in users ?
(I would like to create a map and to have it public, but I do not want the public to create or modify maps).

I don’t think this is achievable with the current facilmap. As far as I know, facilmap itself doesn’t seem to have any concept of login or private/public. If you know the view url of a map, you can view it, if you know the edit url, edit it…
I think the feature you’re looking for would first have to be thought of on the facilmap core side (some setting that allows to disable map creation in some contexts). I think it’d be worth opening an issue on the facilmap repo, maybe the developer of facilmap would be interested in it :slight_smile:

Huuuu it looks like the same feature as umap :slight_smile: but locally stored :slight_smile:

Thx ! I’ll try this :wink: