External links about Yunohost


After reading a few posts, I made a small reflection. There are some websites / blogs on the web, where you can find resources that are sometimes well made about Yunohost.

For example, this topic: Donner de la place à NextCloud sur Raspberry Pi
I wrote myself a pseudo tutorial on ‘How to Put Nextcloud on an external hard drive’, in French.

I’m not only talking about myself, but also about @genma , who has written many interesting articles on Yunohost, such as ‘How to be A + on SSLLabs with Let’s Encrypt on Yunohost’.
Personally I searched a long times before finding this article.

Is there a way to list these items so that they are known by Yunohost users ?

I want to make clear that the goal is not to advertise my blog (self hosted with Yunohost \o/ ), but to share the information that already exists.

Thank you for your work, have a nice day!

Hi there,

indeed, that’s a pretty relevant question. At this point, I don’t know what’s the best place would be to make them visible. But I think maybe the “How to” category of the forum would be a good place to start…

Good idea :slight_smile: All my post are in French and available here https://blog.genma.fr/?+-Yunohost-+ (I had a tag to all my post so they are referenced under this link). When it’s usefull, I had my tutorial in this forum and / or in the documentation too.

Thanks for your replies.

I’ll make this later.
In perfect world, I would like to translate these tutorials in english, but I don’t have enough time.

If someone want to take this and translate them (at least mine) for the yunohost forum, it would be welcome :wink:
But time is a rare resource for everyone…