External access with shared link almost impossible nextcloud 24.07

in Nextcloud 24.04 and 24.07 Very slow external shared links access, almost unusable from a short time,
I have a very slow “guest” web interface (more than 25 seconds to see the page from external shared link and 25 more seconds to see a pdf) and also some alerts “this folder is unreachable, contact administrator” for existing shared links.
It’s almost at once when connected with my account.
I was with 20.04 and upgrade to 24.07 but stills same problems.
Onlyoffice 7.5.8 in nextcloud.
Any Ideas ?
I’m on yunohost and onlyoffice app 7.1.0~ynh1 and fiber internet connection
Tried to have a look on settings.yml, php.ini, unsuccessfull.
Do I have to reinstall nextcloud to solve this issue ? Seems to have a few problems…

I finally reinstalled nexcloud after a backup, will resend new shared links.
There was one user very strange password error (had to recreate password in webadmin yunohost), seems a ldap trouble.

All was back well working until… a shared link recrash nextcloud… I become crazy…

just found a temporary solution adding brute force app in nextcloud and adding my ip (witch change from time to time) in white list

Well, after investigations in Nextcloud,
if I’m connected to yunohost or nextcloud on my web browser (Firefox), disconnect and change yunohost or nextcloud user (admin account) and then try to open a shared link, the link doesn’t open and there are many brut force attempts in the nextcloud journalisation (I remove them from database with phpmyadmin).
Only solution I found to fix the problem : remove cookies and cache from the browser. Or trying the link on another web browser (not very user friendly). Maybe the reason of user_ldap Bind failed: 49: Invalid credentials error in nextcloud.
The problem seems to come from different users connections on same browser.
I have spip installed on the same domain (subfolder /spip) and spip is based as root access of the domain. is there a possible relation ? Work in progress…

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