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Hello everyone,

I have recently installed Yunohost on an a VM. The VM run on an old computer with Lubuntu installed, on VirtualBox. After testing it I verry like it and I want to use it for the everyday-use. The only problem is that my computer only have 4GB of RAM, Lubuntu takes arround 1GB, all in all my Yunohost only have 2,7GB.
For testing, 2,7GB of RAM is pretty cool, but after installing some apps, testing all of them, I am at the point where I need to stop some app-service to keep enough RAM to use the others apps.
So I came here to ask you : it’s possible to extract YunoHost from the .vdi and put all files into my disk and replace Lubuntu ? I don’t want to lost all of what I’ve done.
Or if there is any other solution, like save a configuration file, save all the yunohost, install a fresh on the physical disk and upload the config/save

Thank you in advance,


YunoHost has a backup and restore feature. Simply perform a system backup, and export the tar file to a hard or thumb drive.

Then install YunoHost on your host system, and before performing the postinstallation, transfer the backup back, and restore it.

You can read our documentation to find out where the backups are stored. If they are light enough, you might even try to download it from the webadmin.


Thank you very much for your quick response. I will see this week-end to create this backup and install it on the physical disk, i will come back to give you some news.

The interface is self-explanatory, just to be sure: also tick the applications that you’d like to have backed up:

Also make sure not to download from the VM to your Lubuntu’s disk and keep them there, when you are reinstalling the system: in the default scenario the whole disk will be wiped and Debian + Yunohost get installed.

And welcome :slight_smile: Good luck with the migration!


Thank you for details and illustrations !

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