Etherpad_mypads error during installation

I am trying to install EtherPad and there is an error

Warning: line 564: mail: command not found

the command mail dosen’t exists, maybe you should use sendmail instead?

Here is the full log

YunoHost configuration

Hardware: x64 vps
YunoHost version: 2.7.9
Debian 8 Jessie

You can do sudo apt install mailutils to solve the problem. And, then, try to install the application again.


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Thanks, it would be great to install mailutils automatically at the beginning of the installation of Etherpad, I will open an issue on GitHub tomorrow

I think it will be a dependance of the core of Yunohost in the next releases. Because, it’s needed by many applications.

As frju365 said, mailutils isn’t a dependance of etherpad, but a dependance of many apps.
So, that’s need to be fixed on the core.
A fix is already ongoing, It’s probably going to be on the next stable release.

Thank you !! It also solved my problem ! Thank youuuuu :slight_smile: