Etherpad : impossible d'installer ou de mettre à jour les plugins


Lorsque je tente d’installer des plugins ou de mettre à jour des plugins déjà installés sur Etherpad, j’obtiens ce type de message d’erreur :

An error occurred while installing ep_embedded_hyperlinks2
ENOENT: no such file or directory, rename ‘/var/www/etherpad_mypads/node_modules/.staging/ep_etherpad-lite-629fb491/node_modules/@babel/code-frame’ → ‘/var/www/etherpad_mypads/node_modules/.staging/@babel/code-frame-525bc192’

Merci !


Are you using the testing version of the package ? With Etherpad 1.8.0

An issue is on its way on this PR
Meanwhile, looks like removing the file /var/www/etherpad_mypads/src/package-lock.json solve the problem.


I’ve the default install of Etherpad (so not the testing version).
You’re right: deleting package-lock.json solved the problem! (the file is located in /var/www/etherpad_mypads/)

Thanks a lot!

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