Error with letsencrypt Erreur : Challenge did not pass for xmpp-upload

here Description of my issue
my server was up few days ago or so and now i got a
i try to renew my let’s encrypt certificat
sudo yunohost domain cert-renew --no-checks --force

but i got errors.
yunohost You cannot visit right now because the website uses HSTS in firefox and in the terminal: Challenge did not pass for

here the yunohost log display --share


it was a nginx conf error
i apply the solution of this post:

and in the terminal i follow the advice of
‘yunohost diagnosis run --force’
and there is this command that solve the things:
‘yunohost diagnosis show --issues’
in the advices there is this who works for my case:
‘yunohost tools regen-conf nginx --force’
that’s it

Answers with more details to fit into my case and explain all the ways that give the solution.
First i received lot of emails from my admin account of the server.

automatic diagnosis on your YunoHost server identified some issues on your server.

[WARNING] La configuration Nginx de ce domaine semble avoir été modifiée manuellement et empêche YunoHost de diagnostiquer si elle est accessible en HTTP.

But the let’s encrypt certificat was on so i don’t give attention and i was thinking, lets do it tomorrow.
So there is solution in the automatic email and it’s a good thing to notice that the yunohost project got tools inside that are able to diagnose and propose solutions.

After just change my nginx conf was the solution but i need to check and change things in my ISp (internet service provider):
In free conf page on the internet in freebox admin page :slight_smile:i need to change reverse dns to pointed the box to the url of my server and because of that change i need to reconfigure the port in my freebox. My initial conf worked not anymore and dns change delete all inital configs. I also need to open port 25 on the web interface of free.

When i made all that change i was able to solve the problem with the solution describe upon…
so update yunohost brings some trouble because of dignose tools but i wasn’t aware of the efficency of that /// so give attention to it ! …

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