Error: Unable to install the app on this location

I installed Diaspora* which made the default yunohost login page to diaspora* main welcome page.
Now when I try to install new application I get this error message in log.

+ path=/mycryptochat
+ is_public=Yes
+ sudo yunohost app checkurl -a mycryptochat
Error: Unable to install the app on this location
+ [[ ! 1 -eq 0 ]]
+ exit 1

What should I do?

Did you installed diaspora* on the root path of domain ("/") ?

Yes by default it gets installed on root ("/"). What should I do?

  • Can I uninstall diaspora* and install to is no option in the web interface to do so while installation).

Hi @kanhu,

If you install an app with “/” as domain, then you are locked and cannot install another app.

Instead, here is what you should do :

  • Remove the app you installed on “/”
  • Reinstall you app with another domain, such as “/diaspora” and indicate that it is a “public” app
  • In the web admin interface, go to “applications”, select your installed application you want to display by default, click on “operations” and then click on the green button “set as default”.

Then, everybody going to your website will automatically be redirected to your “default” app, in this case dispora.

And if tomorrow you want another default app, just follow the same procedure again, nothing to deleted and reinstall :wink:

Hello! I have the same problem with any application I try to install. “Error: Unable to install the app on this location”. Last time I successfully installed an application it was some unofficial docker-related app, which I uninstalled shortly.
Where should I start debugging this problem? Basically, any install path gets rejected by yunohost.