I’ve seen a couple posts about this same error, and the 1st response is always restart nginx. I have restarted the service multiple times, along with rebooting the entire server multiple times. Every app I try to install now gives the same error. I have tried multiple browsers, clearing all cache and cookies. I have tried 3 different internet services.

Is there a limit on how man apps yunohost supports? I currently have 15 installed, 2 of which give the too many redirect errors. The other 13 are fine. I can create a new one right now with a random app and random sub domain and always get the error.

What am I missing?

The support request template. :slight_smile:

In addition to your update of the first message with said template, add NGINX logs right after you trigger these errors. Are you in a special configuration (VPS/VPN/multiple subnets…)? Logs are to be shared from the NGINX service page, with the “Share with YunoPaste” button.

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What template? But whatever.

Logs: hastebin
home and wiki are the 2 subdomains giving the redirect error.

Its a dedicated server with no special configuration.

Rant, click here

The template you ignored when creating this thread, and the one you agreed to follow when joining this forum. :innocent:

Take that template, remove the French part, and fill in the form. Update your first message with it.

Thanks. Both of them try to redirect the root path / back to itself.
Which apps are behind these?
Have you activated the “default app” feature at some point?

I only see IP addresses belonging to Cloudflare for both domains. Forgot to mention something?

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home is homarr
wiki is PMwiki

I was trying cloudflares proxied dns when you check to see if that would make a difference. This is why you saw cloudflares ip

I just updated yunohost through the admin panel to 11.2.2 and now both sites are working as they should.

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