Emails sent and FAI block


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For the moment my YunoHost server is behind the Bid Bad Orange Wolf. My own domain is at Gandi and i use there MX to received my mail if my server is down.

I was wandering if there is a way to change something somewhere to tell to my server use the gandi server and jump over the livebox to send emails ?


Actuellement mon serveur est derrière une box Orange. Mon nom de domaine est chez Gandi et j’utilise leur système d’emails en relais lorsque mon serveur est HS.

Je me demandais si l’on peux quelque part modifier un fichier pour lui indiquer de se servir de gandi ou de toute façon ce sera bloqué par la Livebox ?

Parce qu’en suivant la procédure ici : YunoHost • index
Les emails ne voulaient pas sortir quand même.

Merci pour votre retour.

If you’re flagging your post as “only” english, ideally avoid having more than 50% of it in french :sweat_smile:

I guess what you’re describing is using a mail relay which is now officially supported in 4.1 : YunoHost • index


thanks, i will read this with attention and try.
your are incredible YunoHost !

pS : Sorry

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Oh I really loved the YunoHost teams :heart_eyes:

It’s work. I read the warning, but temporary i need to use the relay.

One thing, maybe i could love to read how go back when i will don’t need this relay anymore.

Because it don’t appear in Diagnosis system like "You change this use --force regen to make default again.

And could you confirm if i use pgp the relay can read normally my emails ? And can’t sign it to if the relay want to send emails with out i agree ?