Email is broken and is not getting sent from the server

Is there a particular MX record that I need to set?

I have two sites: which is the first Lemmy site that I created and another Pixelfed site at

The admin panel for Yunohost is located at

I created this MX record: MX 1 hour 10

There is also this A record that is used for connecting to the Yunohost server: A 1 hour

What am I missing?

I think it might also need a record for since that is listed as an email address for user accounts.

I just added this mx record: MX 1 hour 10

We don’t know

You didn’t use the proposed support template which we advertise in 3 different ways when you join the forum

We don’t know what version of YunoHost you are running, nor what kind of server hardware

Hell, we don’t even know how you conclude that stuff is “broken”, so we can’t say shit apart from “what do you mean it’s broken”

Also we have a diagnosis tool included in the webadmin which should help you make sure that everything email-related is properly configured.

But maybe to save everybody’s time (including yours), just use the goddamn support template