Élis les futures apps officielles / Elect the next official apps


Comme chacun y va de sa suggestion… moi j’aurai bien mis Synapse / Riot dans cette liste.
Cela rendrait cette solution de remplacement de “Skype libre” plus visible !

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euh… ce post n’est pas fait pour faire des suggestions.
Les apps présélectionnées ici ont été choisies par le groupe applications pour leur qualité et leur niveau qui est de 7. Ce post a pour seul but de choisir dans cette présélection les deux applications qui deviendront le mois prochain des paquets officiels.

Riot et synapse sont de niveau 3 et 4 respectivement et ne peuvent donc pas prétendre à passer en officiel. Bien-sûr, les contributions à ces deux applications sont bienvenues.

Oh guys

It’s really wonderfull to see all of you gathering here to said what you would like.
I’m really stunned to see all of you together, giving us a real reason to continue our effort, to keep believing what we’re doing is really the way we have to go.

For me, it’s also a proof, if we really need one, that YunoHost is not only a matter of some geeks working on the code. It’s mostly, more than anything else, the result of an entire community which want a better internet. A way to our liberty and to the respect of our privacy.

Thank to all of you

PS: By the way, initially, I would just said that this poll will be close on friday 22. But, you can trust us, other polls will following for the next official admittances.


It’s time to close this poll.

And our winners are piwigo and ampache.
Thanks to all the voters and to the entire community for your participation and your support.

Now, the apps group has a lot of work to do. We will make a announce when these apps are becoming official.
It’s probably something about 2 or 3 weeks, maybe more.

Again, thank to all of you.
And we hope you will where here for the next poll :heart_eyes:



could polls stay opened during two weeks next time ?
The forum summary only arrives once a week so I missed this one :frowning:

Keep on your good work. :slight_smile:


Je verrais bien Jitsi également, qui me semble plus léger que Big Blue Button.

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Piwigo has just been released as a new official app :tada:

Ampache is on the way (though the developer needs some time for that).

And… we may start a new poll for official apps soon… stay tuned :wink:

English version

Hello all,
After Piwigo and Ampache, we’re ready for a new poll. And we need you !

Like the last time, all this app have reached the level 7.
(That means also that if you want another app, try to work on it to give bring it to the level 7 for the next poll)

Version française

Bonjour à tous,
Après Piwigo et Ampache, nous sommes prêt pour un nouveau sondage. Et nous avons besoin de vous !

Comme la dernière fois, toutes ces apps ont atteint le niveau 7.
(Ça signifie aussi que si vous voulez une autre app, Essayez de travailler dessus pour l’amener au niveau 7 pour le prochain sondage)

[FR] Sondage : Sélectionner les applications (max. 3) qui vous intéressent et que vous souhaiteriez voir en officiel

[EN] Vote for the next official apps (max. 3) which are interesting for you or that you want to see as official.

  • Cryptpad – Édition collaborative de textes en ligne protégés par chiffrement / Encrypted online collaborative text editing
  • Etherpad_mypads – Édition collaborative de textes en ligne avec gestion des groupes / Online collaborative text editing with groupe management
  • Haste – Haste est un pastebin open-source écrit en node.js / Haste is an open-source pastebin software written in node.js
  • Jenkins – Serveur d’intégration continue extensible / Extendable continuous integration server
  • Leed – Leed est un agrégateur RSS minimaliste qui permet la consultation de flux RSS de manière rapide et non intrusive. / Leed is a minimalistic RSS feed aggregator which allows quick and non-intrusive reading of feeds.
  • Lutim – Partage d’images anonyme / Anonymous pictures sharing
  • MiniDLNA – Serveur DLNA léger pour fichiers multimedia / Lightweight DLNA multimedia fileserver
  • Netdata – Système de métriques serveur en temps réel / Real time monitoring for server
  • Pi-Hole – Filtrage publicitaire sur l’ensemble du réseau via votre propre serveur DNS. / Network-wide ad blocking via your own DNS server.
  • Synapse – Un serveur de messagerie instantané basé sur matrix / Instant messaging server who use matrix

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Hard to make a choice !! All of this service is interesting. Thanks your work :slight_smile: .

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Nice to vote for apps THX

But I think the most important for privacy user is KeeWeb: https://keeweb.info/

… What did I say about that !?

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Keeweb is only level 3: https://dash.yunohost.org/appci/app/keeweb.html

Cryptpad seems to be more powerfull than etherpad_lite. https://cryptpad.fr/

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Merci a toute l’équipe :slight_smile:

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Oh interesting, I had not checked this one yet. Is it possibly heavier ? I am running an InternetCube (Lime2) with a hard drive

And our new winners are … :tada: !!!

Synapse and Etherpad_mypads !!! :trophy:

Thanks to the community to have participated to this poll.

Now we’re going to have a lot of work to make these 2 apps official.
But, don’t worry, as soon as possible, we will be back with a new poll :star_struck: