DynDns failure error messages


I have dyndns issues suddenly over the last three days:I get emails telling me that dns records A for my server liquorstane.ynh.fr are wrong.
Error is as follows:

[ERROR] Some DNS records are missing or incorrect for domain liquorstane.ynh.fr (category basic)
 - This domain's DNS configuration should automatically be managed by YunoHost. If that's not the case, you can try to force an update using 'yunohost dyndns update --force'.
 - According to the recommended DNS configuration, you should add a DNS record with the following info.
   Type: A
   Name: @
   Value: *.*.*.*

I have done following commands:

 sudo yunohost dyndns update --force  
Error: No domain registered with DynDNS

then I did this:

 sudo yunohost diagnosis get dnsrecords
cached_for: 600
id: dnsrecords
      A:@: OK
      AAAA:@: OK
      category: basic
      domain: liquorstane.ynh.fr
    status: SUCCESS
    summary: diagnosis_dns_good_conf
      MX:@: OK
      TXT:@: OK
      TXT:_dmarc: OK
      TXT:mail._domainkey: OK
      category: mail
      domain: liquorstane.ynh.fr
    status: SUCCESS
    summary: diagnosis_dns_good_conf
      A:*: OK
      AAAA:*: OK
      CAA:@: OK
      category: extra
      domain: liquorstane.ynh.fr
    status: SUCCESS
    summary: diagnosis_dns_good_conf
timestamp: 1664863298

but I still receive emails telling me that DNS record A could not be resolved.
I am confused!
Should I ask for deletion of liquorstane.ynh.fr ?
And after that I need help what to do next to reinstall it on dyndns.
Thank you for your help… merci beaucoup…

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I have the same issue, getting a lot of emails with title:

Cron <root@xxxxxx> : YunoHost DynDNS update; sleep $((RANDOM%60)); ! ping -q -W5 -c1 ip.yunohost.org >/dev/null 2>&1 || test -e /var/run/moulinette_yunohost.lock || yunohost dyndns update >> /dev/null

and body:

Failed to resolve A for xxxxxx.noho.st


It seems you’re not alone with these problem.
I have too same problem and there are two other thread about it.

To me it’s infrastructure problem from YNH.

You can follow these threads Here and here

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Yup, that indeed looks like the infrastructure is overloaded or something …

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Anything I can do to resolve this? Because next time my modem reboots or ISP changes public IP my server is not going to work anymore!!
Thanks for everybodies help and comments‼️

It sounds like you reinstalled a server with the same domain

So yes, you should ask for the deletion of the domain, then re-subscribe it with yunohost dyndns subscribe -d yourdomain.ynh.fr

Thanks @Aleks … I haven not reinstalled a server with the same name. It has been running permanently for years and it is used by my family to keep in touch during pandemic and before. No changes have been made except for updates and upgrade to 11.***.
Now the ISP has changed the IP and my server is down and I cannot get a reply for deregistering it because @tituspijean is really busy getting lots of deregistration demands! Yunohost is a great piece of software when it works but it is very difficult for admin to follow failures and bugs beyond my control!
I am now patiently waiting for re subscription to DynDns …
Thanks for helping in this forum and for a super selfhosting solution. :+1: :clap:

Is this all because Oracle has bought DynDns and is now charging money?

Can I use some other DYN DNS service?

I cannot do it because no de-registrations are happening. I am now doing an experiment to see how I can change my domain.ynh.fr to a OVH registered one and keep my apps and data to run a new server on the old .ynh.fr machine.
I would welcome some help.
Steps I am planning:

  1. Install yunohost on VM from scratch: done

  2. Use OVH domain as main:done

3 Copied a backup from yunohost .fr to VM: done

  1. Next comes restore the backup: it overwrites all new OVH domain and subdomains with old yunohost domains.

So, I don’t know what to do next or how to transfer my original apps users and data to the OVH server on the VM: can I get some help from somewhere?? I have read almost all the yunohost docs already & no help from there‼️

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