Dynamic IP and an own domain name with dynette?

I was wondering if I can handle my dynamic IP and an own domain name with dynette_ynh. I´m not sure if this is possible and tried to install the app to give it a try.

The installation did not work – here is the log:

https://paste.yunohost.org/raw/uhesucuk of

Thanks for help

What are you really looking for exactly … I doubt that using dynette is what you really want

Thanks Alex,

I have just an dynamic IP. I want to connect my yunohost installation with my own domain name.

Right now i use an external dynDNS services to update the IP and set all the needed record for my yunohost domain “my.domain.tdl” . This works, but I was wondering if i could do this also with an selfhosted service.

My router offers a service to update the IP and point it to a fix address like: xxxxxxxxxx.myfritz.net

I own the domainname “domain.tdl” and with the hoster of this domain name i can set a cname record for a sub domain like “dns.domain.tld” to point to this fix adress xxxxxxxxxx.myfritz.net

will dynette_ynh help me so sett all the needed records for “my.domain.tdl” if the app is installed under “dns.domain.tld” ?

Dynette is the system that manages (serve) the whole nohost.me / noho.st registration thing. So that’s basically a dyndns domain registration server. You are looking for a DynDNS client system …

I don’t have so much experience with other DynDNS systems, but my understanding is that it all depends on how you can interactif with your DNS registrar. Some offer some sort of DynDNS system to update the record, some don’t … so idk…

The DNS registrar of my domain does not offer any DynDNS services. I use an external service

So in the DNS registrar I set a NS record to point to this external DynDNS services – which you call DynDNS client

Do you know a DynDNS client which can be self hosted ?

For self-hosting your dyndns client, you can look at a client that directly interact with your registrar’s API. I quickly did a search on Github and found a few projects that could cover your need.

Whoooo Thanks for your Mail and the list of DynDNS projects. That are quid many :wink:
Can you recommend a project ?

It depends, to which registrar did you register your domain name ?


what kind of registrar do you suggest?

Take a look at inwx. de (English | Españo).
Its a good registrar and they support dyndns.
Just a few ideas how to start (in german):

Free DynamicDNS – The Remote Access To Your Home

Im allowed to post only two urls…per post :slight_smile:

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2