Dovecot limit reading notification

My YunoHost configuration

Hardware: RPI 3
Internet access: OVH at home
YunoHost version:
yunohost-admin: 2.7.14
moulinette: 2.7.14
ssowat: 2.7.14

Description of my problem

Is that possible for dovecot to limit reading notification to each user?
For example, one mailbox and 10 users. Monday morning, the first user open all news emails but the other users can’t see new emails because they appear as read. It’s a big problem when you have 30 new emails/days.

Is that possible? It’s bit like a POP server

So you have one mailbox shared by 10 users …? But how is it shared exactly ?

Not exactly… 6 users, 5 common mailbox, 3 desktops 1 laptop and 5 smartphone. Everyone has his mail client on his terminal with each mailbox configured on it.

Maybe the solutions is more client-oriented than the server?

You need to be more specific :confused: Are you talking about “users” in terms of several different human beings, or “users” in terms of different devices owned by the same human being ?

Yep sorry :slight_smile: it’s 6 people who use 5 mailboxes in common.

So how comes that thoses are “in common” ? Do you have 6 alias on each mailbox somehow ? Or 6 forwards ? Or do each people connects with the same login/password ? Or something else ?

no ones connects on yunohost. We have just 4 user on yunohost like mail1@mydomain.tld, mail2@, mail3@ and mail4@.

Each person work on his terminal and has 4 mailboxes configured on his mail client. Like Mr X can see mail1 ,2 ,3 &, 4 on this iMac, Mr Y too on his Android phone, Mr Z too on this windows Laptop,… etc.

So if I understand correctly, each people connects with the same login/password to each mailbox ? E.g. each 6 user has the password of each mailbox ?

If so then I don’t really see how you can easily achieve what you are looking for :confused: When user1 connects to mail1, then user2 connects to mail1, that’s as if user2 was user1 (since they authenticate with the same password, from what I understand ?). So it is assumed that is is the same human being behind this authentication, and therefore they already read the emails somewhere / somewhen else.

Yep that’s it! was not that the way a pop server worked? Just by simply not synchronise user action’s on the server?

Probably … but that’s not the way IMAP works … Maybe there’s a way to configure a POP server somehow, but that’s to be seen (dunno if Dovecot can act as a POP server) and some more configuration (e.g. specific ports and so on). Or maybe you can configure each client to not sync the fact that it red mails…