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Hi everbody,

could somebody write a short HowTo about the use of Domains and Subdomains in Yunohost? I’m using Yunohost on an Raspi only local and have a problem installing one App. The advise was to configure a Subdomain. I than can install the App but I can not start it. I found only a few Informations about Domains and Subdomains in the Forum but no general information.

Thanks al lot for answering - Thunderfox

Hi @thunderfox, For Wiki.js you must use a dedicated domain name or subdomain for the application. As on the capture below

Regarding the use of domains and subdomains for the moment the information is here:

We are a little (a lot) busy with tasks, and there are many applications to document. If you are interested you can do it directly here: or via

Otherwise I put it on the stack of docs to write :smiley:

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I have often been bothered with local multi-domains.
The manoeuvre below works for me (I don’t know why!).
I disconnect from all Internet connections
I have a local domain already installed and functional: elstir.rtp
I do

  • yunohost domain add wiki.elstir.rtp
    In the webadmin:
  • I create a user or switch to wiki.elstir.rtp an existing user, I change the password.

And then, miraculously, in the browser
wiki.elstir.rtp sends it back to elstir.rtp with my available applications.
I have no rational explanation, but if it helps you out: -)

Translated with

@anonyme18 You configured the DNS with the glue record ?

cf this page :

Hi Plumf,

I’m running Yunohost only local on an Raspi. IP-Address is given by my Router automatically. I know how to configure a Subdomain (wikijs.yunohost.local) and to install Wiki.js in this Subdomain. Installation works. But I could not reach the Subdomain. I logged in as a user and select Wiki.js which points to wikijs.yunohost.local. The Result is “Server not found”. I think I had to do something else in my local Network. The Solution of anonyme18 did not work for me. Sorry for maybe silly questions. - Thunderfox

Hi anonyme18,

thank you for answering. This did not work on my side.


Maybe try to set a local address for your server, like DHCP lease on MAC address.
It seems easier to me to route subdomains afterwards…

There was no use to set a local address for my Raspi, it worked out of the box. I was able to reach my Raspi from every Computer in my local network with “yunohost.local”. Maybe my Router did it (Fritzbox). The whole thing cost me a lot of time (too much!). As there is no howto using subdomains on localhost, I give up.

Thanks a lot.

Yunohost is not really completly made to run as a local server.
There is no easy feature inside YunoHost to create subdomains or domains in “.local”. The only one is the predefined yunohost.local (using bonjour protocol).

But it could be a good idea. I just have create an issue to ask for this feature.

If you want to make it manually, you should watch on avahi files in you /etc , this one is for yunohost.local:

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