Domain configuration question


I have my own domain domain.tld
There is the config :

  • 10800 IN A
    @ 10800 IN A
    calc 1800 IN CNAME @
    cloud 1800 IN CNAME @
    jappix 1800 IN CNAME @
    kanboard 1800 IN CNAME @
    list 1800 IN CNAME @
    listes 1800 IN CNAME @
    mail 1800 IN CNAME @
    muc 1800 IN CNAME @
    pad 1800 IN CNAME @
    photo 1800 IN CNAME @
    pubsub 1800 IN CNAME @
    sondage 1800 IN CNAME @
    vjud 1800 IN CNAME @
    www 1800 IN CNAME @
    @ 1800 IN MX 10 domain.tld.
    _xmpp-client._tcp 14400 IN SRV 0 5 5222 domain.tld.
    _xmpp-server._tcp 14400 IN SRV 0 5 5269 domain.tld.
    @ 1800 IN TXT “v=spf1 a mx -all”

at the moment, I acces things with
www.domain.tld which gives the blog
www.domain.tld/owncloud for the cloud
www.domain.tld/kanboard for the kanboard
www.domain.tld/appname for any app

How do I change things so the main domain is not www.domain.tld but domain.tld alone
and so I can access app with appname.domain.tld like cloud.domain.tld kanboard.domain.tld and www.domain.tld for the blog

thank you
(french or english)

You just have to redirect your subdomains to your YunoHost server (or just CNAME into @)
Then in YunoHost set your main domain to domain.tld instead of www.domain.tld. Create a new domaine in YunoHost for each of the subdomains you wish to use. Then to use kanboard.domain.tld for instance, install kanboard on the root ("/") of the subdomain.

Good luck :wink: