Dokuwiki not maintained any more?

I was about to install another Dokuwiki instance when I saw that this app is unmaintained and that a new maintainer is needed Looking for new maintainer⋅s · Issue #84 · YunoHost-Apps/dokuwiki_ynh · GitHub

I suppose I am not the only one who considers Dokuwiki as one of the essential apps here on Yunohost. I remember it was rated high quality for most of the time.

I hope a new maintainer will be found. I am eager to learn about contibuting in the future and am looking forward to the announced hacktaton on 23rd April that is supposed to “fix the documentation for contribution (and other documentation issues)” App update cycle - #10 by TheNomad11

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Dokuwiki as no official maintainer anymore but I am sure that the app will be maintained as many other apps without official maintainer.

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Hi @TheNomad11 I’m pretty sure that this hackaton will produce nice things, but you don’t really have to wait for one month if you want to get yourself started with packaging. The current documentation is arguably not perfect, but probably well enough to get you started.

I have started building my first app 4 months ago and I believe it’s the best way to learn. I did a mix between reading the documentation, testing my own app and reading the code of level-7 higher apps on YunoHost-Apps · GitHub. If you have basic shell and git knowledge, packaging is surprisingly easy (until you reach hard problems of course !).

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Thanks @Limezy that sounds inspiring.

I first stumbled upon this link App packaging | Yunohost Documentation that seem to be outdated and now I found a better link Introduction to packaging | Yunohost Documentation

During the lockdown I learned some stuff, including very basic shell and git, so, yeah, I will have a try!

Yes, you can read these two pages, and then I would say that the best is to read good quality packaged apps, in combination with the helpers page here : App helpers | Yunohost Documentation and the upstream app installation documentation, to understand what the packager is doing.

For example, you could start with Grav which is a quite “easy” package :

(Start by reading manifest.json, install script and script)

In parallel, you can have a look at the Grav documentation on how to install. The package is using the first option, “install from zip”

The package is basically working like this for installation :

  1. install will retrieve arguments from the manifest (domain, path, admin, language, is_public)
  2. install will check if there is already Grav installed, book the webpath, store the arguments as internal variables (that can be then taken back as variable by other scripts like remove, backup etc…)
  3. install will run to install php7.3 dependencies
  4. install will create a unix user, download grav, unzip it at the good location using ynh_setup_source helper
  5. install will create nginx configuration using files from conf directory, setup php-fpm
    … and I let you read until the end

You can also read the dokuwiki app

And then, you can try for example rebuilding the grav package yourself starting with the yunohost example app GitHub - YunoHost/example_ynh: Example package for YunoHost applications. which has a lot of comments inside. You can also have a look at the app wishlist, take one that you would like to see coming on Yunohost and start packaging ! Apps wishlist | Yunohost Documentation

For my first package I started a dedicated thread here and whenever I had questions (I still have some…) I would post them and get some help from experienced packagers (I think there is also an instant chat server)


Thanks a lot, very helpful for me and others as well who would like to contribute. Maybe we should make your post sticky?

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