Does anybody find or tried InvoicePlance on Yunhost


I like the InvoicePlane application. I think it could be a great idea to make it working with Yunhost.

What do you think ?

Official website :

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Hi, its looking nice indeed…
I have tried to package invoiceninja with no success yet.
However I have packaged Odoo in case you need a fuller ERP experience

Thanks @scith.
I know Odoo but it’s a really complete and complexe software.

I’ve absolutely no idea how packaging works :confused:. I imagine the hardest part is the SSO right ?

Hi, it should be pretty easy to package the app without SSO:
It is a PHP web app so you can just follow through the example app

However, SSO will be impossible as far as Im aware. To have SSO, the app needs to have support for “LDAP authentification”, which this one does not have unfortunately…

Let me know if you need help

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version 11 does have it