Document management system (DMS)

what DMS are there?

i did see this on the request list

i did found, and

what else is out there that can be considered nice?

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I have noticed Lodestone, which is still in beta, though.

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Just found an interesting one:

Imho a DMS is heavily missing in yunohost!

Just a short addition:
Sismics / Teedy dms is provided as a docker file. Thus with Portainer and the redirect app I managed to get it up and running, need an own subdomain plus I’m not quite sure if the volume assigned in portainer is really working… But otherwise, all looks great.

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As there is no Yunohost Package what are you using for DMS?
I would love to use mayanEDMS but this is beyond my skill level.

So any chance for a DMS to become a Yunohost App?

I reased a request at the paperless project for a yunohost App

Have you seen these guys,

Construction Document Management System

Great product and customer service