DNS record "issue"

Hi, I am running Yunohost behind a public network and a Firewall. My public network has 16 official IP’s. First one is x.y.z.98. In my firewall I am forwarding related ports for Yunohost on IP y.x.z.110.
Yunohost diagnostics is telling me taht my DNS records are wrong as it expects yunohost.domain.com on the IP y.x.z.98
is there a chance to resolve this issue? As I am not able to use the IP y.x.z.98 for Yunohost.

If Yunohost’s diagnosis tells that this IP should be used for the DNS records, that means Yunohost identified that this global IP is the one Yunohost is behind …

So what do you mean by “I am not able to use the IP … for Yunohost”

Apologize, maybe this was not the right wording. I am not able to forward eg. Port 80/443/25 from y.x.z.98 to Yunohost Server as this port is in use already for other servers.

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