Display label and other info on admin panel?

I have a problem with multi-instance apps: they are installed with the name APP__1, APP__2, etc…
However, in the admin panel I can’t tell which is which… Would there be a way to name them differently or to display their label on the admin panel please?
Or even better, display the different variables set via yunohost app setting?


Would it be possible to display the custom labels set during install in the admin panel please?


Custom label can be set at the install via the admin, and via CLI (--label option).

But the ID of the app cannot be replaced, its a YunoHost internal mechanic to handle the multi-instance as you understood

Hi, I use that yes and I also give “settings” to my apps using “sudo yunohost app setting $app”.
The thing is, these custom settings and label do not appear in the admin panel as far as I can tell. Here is a picture of my problem with that:

Also when I click on the app, I see the URL but not the custom settings.
It’s getting hard to navigate in this panel as a result :smile:


huhu, I see ^^

Nothing planned as of yet, but you can open an issue here:

Great thanks! I was looking for the repo in which I could make suggestions (it tends to get lost in the forum a bit)