[Discussion] Subdomains and subfolders

Hi everyone.

I’d like to start a discussion on how most of you guys like to install your apps.

I know that are a few apps that can only be installed in a root domain (or subdomain), but for those that can be both installed on a subdomain or a subfolder, what are your personal preferences?

Asking this, because I was fond of installing stuff always in a new subdomain, but everytime you need to create the domain and activate the SSL certs.

On the other hand, at least for me it feels more intuitive to type app.example.com than example.com/app

Anyway, just wanna hear your thoughts on that.

Subdomains is better. If one day your service need to be hosted on an other server, it will be easy to move it on an other instance…

But if you backup the whole yunohost, when you restore it in a new instance, won’t it simply restore all the nginx configs necessary to make the folders work?