Discourse doesn't start after yunohost update

Since yunohost update 2021.4.6 discourse doesn’t start anymore: hastebin

Anyone an idea about this?

It looks like /etc/systemd/system/discourse.conf (not 100% about the exact path) contains an ExecStart instructions pointing to /opt/rbenv/shims/bundle

which apparently doesn’t exists …

maybe you can gather clues on what should be the real path with :

ls -l /opt/
ls -l /opt/rbenv
ls -l /opt/rbenv/shims

In /etc/systemd/system/ is a file discourse.service but none discourse.conf

I couldn’t find out where discourse.conf is.

These commands give the following: https://pastebin.com/F2fX7pcp

I installed another instance of discourse and now the old instance works again.

Weird but it works.

Here’s the log, in case someone wants / is able to reproduce what went on: hastebin

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