Discourse app : change admin or mail on cli


hey !

I installed the discourse app, everything worked fine :slight_smile: But I after some time, I wasn’t able to connect with my admin account (with LDAP). I think it’s because I changed my admin email.

When I tried to connect with my username, discourse created a new account…
when I try to connect with my old adress mail, I have this erro message : Désolé, une erreur est survenue lors de l'autorisation de votre compte. Vous n'avez peut-être pas approuvé l'autorisation ?

I found this to change the email of the admin from the console https://meta.discourse.org/t/change-staff-email-address-from-console/42062. But I can’t get the console working on the non-docker install.

Any idea how to retrieve admin access to discourse ?

Ok it worked by changing my admin email back to the old one in the yunohost config. I just have to add my old domain with yunohost domain add before

I reoppend this issue because I need to change my admin mail. But when I try to do so, discourse try to send a confirmation email, which I can’t receive because I don’t have a working email setup.

Any idea how I can retrieve the email sent by discourse ?

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