Disable the the redirection to admin page

How to disable the redirection to admin page when the server ip is entered ?
Eg. redirects to ( this happens to public ip’s too)

You need to manually edit the file /etc/nginx/conf.d/yunohost_admin.conf (not sure about the exact path/name) and comment the following bloc near the top :

    location / {
        return 302 https://$http_host/yunohost/admin;

then reload nginx.

NB : by editing this file manually, it won’t be upgraded automatically anymore by the regen-conf system of yunohost though … The “long-term” solution would be that we implement a setting to be able to disable this (using the settings mechanism in yunohost, which isnt really used for anything yet).

That works and keeps the main domain safe if there are other domains registered. Its really essential to have this in setting mechanism.