Default password at start

Hello Support,
i wrote the image file at an sd card (32 GB).
I tried to login with user “pi” and pasysword “raspberry”!
Is there an other password?
Help me please!


It’s written in the doc :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for answering my request.
But the problem is:
I installed the complete YUNOHOST-Image on an SD-card
and i use the webinterface to start YUNOHOST ,
so i am prompted to decide for an domain.
Because i will use YUNOHOST only inside my own network,
so is it ok to use “”?
Is this a real private local domain?
Cyclop53 :grinning:

It won’t be a real private domain, it will point to your public IP. What you can do instead is to say that you will use your own domain and then type something like mydomain.local as it will be private local domain as no one can register such a domain. Then, either you need to setup a local dns resolver on your local network that will point mydomain.local to your Yunohost (that may be done in your router if it has such a feature), or add mydomain.localon the hosts file of every machine you intend to connect to your Yunohost.

I’m not sure everything will really be functionnal as I don’t think Yunohost has been built for such a case of use. For instance, you won’t be able to have signed https certificates and you will have a warning prompt of your web browser each time you’ll connect to your Yunohost. You also won’t be able to receive mail on your Yunohost. It might be worth the try and work very well but you might also encounter some difficulties.

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