Default account in Rainloop

Hi all,

I have the Rainloop app installed in my Yunohost instance. (domain.tld)
I installed Rainloop at the root of a subdomain. (mail.domain.tld)
My email is user@domain.tlld

When I type in my browser mail.domain.tld, or when I click on the Rainloop icon from my Yunohost home page, Rainloop opens the acount user@mail.domain.tld, which is very annoying because I need to change to my real acount user@domain.tld before beeing able to receive / send any email.

When I go to the administration panel of Rainloop, I can’t delete the default acount user@mail.domain.tld.

I tried to edit /var/www/rainloop/app/data/data/default/configs/application.ini and change the default acount but it doesn’t work.

Has anybody experienced the same problem?

Thanks in advance for your help!

The way I do it is to add domain.TLD (like to my yunohost (but keep the dns as it is, do not redirect anything).
Then set your mail@domain.TLD as default in yunohost, and I think it will be ok (perhaps you’ll need to reinstall rainloop)

Here is my configuration :
On the administration panel > users > myusername, I can see

E-mail : myusername@mydomain.tld

This is my default e-mail for the user myusername.


Those are “additional emails”

On the administration panel > domains, I can see


(actually it’s my default domain)


(the domain where Rainloop is installed, at the root / )

I think that this corresponds to what you are describing, yet I still have the same problem. Any idea ?