DDNS and DNS records


Long ago I bought a domain name which is used for web and email services. They are running at an external provider.

Now I would like to self-host Yunohost services using subdomains of that domain.

At the provider’s DNS I added a CNAME record for a subdomain; then I created an account at a DDNS provider (nsupdate.info) and configured the subdomain there; then I went to my home-router and configured it with the data I got from the DDNS provider. (I just followed this guide)

I did a test (accessing from outside) and I could successfully see the webpage
So the DDNS seems to work ok.

However, when I run the Yunohost Dianosis tool, it tells me that some DNS records are missing or incorrect (one MX, three TXT, two SRV, four CNAME) and it also tells me that no revers DNS is defined.

I would like to be able to run and play with everything (mail, XMPP, others), but I don’t know where and how should I configure those DNS records.

Having some help would be soooooo nice.

Thank you!

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