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I was looking at the state of Pilea which I’m packaging on dash.yunohost.org

I see that :

  • level is 5
  • installation in public mode seems broken

So I go to see last job https://ci-apps.yunohost.org/ci/apps/pilea/
Most of them failed but the last one seems ok, I look at it and what I understand is:

  • Every test seems ok
  • I don’t respect YEP 1.7

What I don’t understand is:

  • Why it’s said in dash.yunohost that installation in public mode is broken ?
  • Why it’s said that the app doesn’t respect YEP 1.7 ( Ajouter l’app à l’organisation YunoHost-Apps)
  • How can I improve the script to reach level 7 ?


Hi @enuts,

Your app is indeed level 5, as you can see at the end of the result of the CI.

That an error from the dash, it’s misreading its data file, as you can see, the test “Port already used” isn’t done, and you don’t need this test. But for dash this test is done. That’s just a mistake.
@Aleks, could you have a look at it ?

In the CI, your app is still on https://github.com/SimonMellerin/pilea_ynh/, even though you’ve moved your app.
@Bram, do you know how YunoRunner is supposed to handle that case ?

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Ok thanks for your explications !

YunoRunner doesn’t handle the case where an app has changed of URL, I need to write that.