Dark mode for the forum / mode sombre pour le forum

Hello everyone,
I’m new in the yunohost community and I try to read a lot of stuff in the forum. Is there a way to have dark mode in the forum so I can read longer.

Salut tout le monde.
Je suis relativement nouveau dans la communauté yunohost et j’essaie de lire un maximum d’articles. J’aurais aimé avoir un mode sombre dans le forum pour pouvoir lire plus longtemps.

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I can suggest you to use the Dark Reader extension for your browser. It can darken almost any website, and does its job greatly.

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I use my phone. General Dark mode is already on. Switching from other apps is unpleasant

Dark Reader extension is available on Firefox on mobile.

I’m using the yunohost forum app. Strangely I don’t remember where I got it from. The app info says it’s from the play store but can’t find it there.

Per the looks and the APK name, I guess it is a PWA (progressive web app) that you installed locally from Chrome (hence why you are not able to use extensions). Instead of using a PWA, you could use a simple shortcut. :wink:

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I already have opera installed. It has dark mode (with plenty of other options) no extensions needed.
I’ll drop the app and may be chrome too… :thinking:

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So I remembered how I got this app.

The top message

If you use some kind of GNU/Linux, you may use xcalib -invert -alter.

It inverts your whole display.

Quite handy, I mapped it to my “Scroll Lock” key.

I guess the link tells your browser to make it into an app. :wink: I am curious about it, can you copy and paste it here?

I’m sorry. I discarded it.
I think you get the message when you first log in on an android device

@tituspijean: About the link to tell the browser to make it into an app, having developed a bit of PWA, it’s probably not really a link that discourse is providing. It’s more of a button that will trigger some javascript action in the browser.

This banner is likely to be shown only on browsers like chromium/chrome (desktop and mobile), and firefox (mobile only). My experience is that other browsers (like firefox forks, firefox desktop, non-free browsers…) just don’t support PWA, and therefore the site is clever enough not to show a banner with a button that wouldn’t do anything.

I don’t know if that answers your curiosity, but if you have more questions feel free :wink: