Custom Webapp major update

The context

The custom webapp YunoHost application was meant to be simple to install and use, but the FTP connection was in fact quite complex and the YunoHost Firewall won’t allow most of the FTP clients to connect.

Moreover, the app was only able to be installed once, which was disapointing for testing or in a web deployment purpose.

The solution

I traded the FTP to a simple file manager web interface called Cheryl. It enables you to upload/retrieve/edit the files remotely, from a simple /admin interface.

The cool part

You can now have multiple empty apps quickly deployed like this, and it won’t eat your server’s RAM anymore :smile:

Install it!

yunohost app fetchlist
yunohost app install my_webapp --label "My New Empty App"

Please let me know if it works properly, Cheryl is young and we may change the upload interface if this is too buggy.

Hi and thanks a lot!
Things look good but:

  • The website is down?
  • I can’t upload files in batch (or even whole folders) so I went back to using FTP in /var/www/my_webapp

Also as a self-reminder, DON’T remove the line “access_by_lua_file” in domain.conf because it will make the admin panel available to anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for this great improvement! I can now use more easily this app

Thanks, that’s way more convenient this way !

One feature request : would it be possible to make it multiples instances ready ?

It should already be multi_instance :wink: