Cryptpad update from 4.12.0~ynh2 to 5.2.1

hardware: bare-metal amd64 at home
yunohost 11.1.7 (stable)
ssh access: yes
webadmin: yes
special context: no

hi yunohosts,
cryptpad update from 4.12.0~ynh2 to 5.2.1~ynh4 is a problem for me. i can reach front of cryptpad but all links to application or drive went wrong. the automatic generated new domain, suprised me, but after some read i made an letsecrypt for it.
but problem stays
roll back works.

update works by generate sandbox domain by hand without lets encrypt certificate. than upgrade cryptpad at last make letsencrypt. ok, but new issue. from

This instance has not been configured to enable support for embedding assets and documents in third-party websites. In order for this setting to be effective while still permitting encrypted media to load locally the `Access-Control-Allow-Origin` should only match trusted domains. Under most circumstances it is sufficient to permit only the sandbox domain to load assets. Remote embedding can be enabled via the admin panel.

with the effect that no previews are shown and no thumbnails are displayed.
files are there, but have to download to look content

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