Could not install lufi

Hardware: VPS bought online
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server : Through SSH
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Hello friends. Ran into a error when installing lufi, I don’t know what the reason is, but I can guess it has something to do with the Carton. Error appeared after migration to version 4.0/Buster.


Thank you!

It looks like carton is already installed on the system somehow ?

What happens if you manually run

cpanm Carton


find /usr /opt /var -name "carton"

Looks like the carton is already installed. Result:

cpanm carton
-bash: cpanm: command not found

find /usr /opt /var -name “carton”


Hmokay, let’s investigate further with :

dpkg --list | grep carton


dpkg --list | grep carton

ii  carton       1.0.34-2       all       Perl module dependency manager (aka Bundler for Perl)

So it sounds like carton was installed using apt - which is probably fine, but maybe when lufi was first packaged that was not a possiblity (this is an hypothesis). Would be nice to check if it’s okay nowadays to use debian’s version compared to cpam …

Leeeet’s maybe have a look at one more thing that should give clues on why carton is installed from apt in the first place :

apt remove carton --dry-run

(this will not actually remove carton but only simulate what would happen if we asked for it to be removed)

apt remove carton --dry-run

NOTE: This is only a simulation!
      apt needs root privileges for real execution.
      Keep also in mind that locking is deactivated,
      so don't depend on the relevance to the real current situation!
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
  libalgorithm-c3-perl libapp-fatpacker-perl libb-hooks-endofscope-perl libb-hooks-op-check-perl libcapture-tiny-perl libclass-c3-perl libclass-c3-xs-perl
  libclass-method-modifiers-perl libclass-tiny-perl libclass-xsaccessor-perl libcpan-changes-perl libcpan-common-index-perl libcpan-distnameinfo-perl
  libcpan-meta-check-perl libdata-optlist-perl libdata-perl-perl libdata-section-perl libdevel-callchecker-perl libdevel-globaldestruction-perl
  libdynaloader-functions-perl libexporter-tiny-perl libextutils-config-perl libextutils-helpers-perl libextutils-installpaths-perl libfile-pushd-perl
  libfile-slurp-perl libfile-which-perl libgetopt-long-descriptive-perl libhttp-tinyish-perl libimage-magick-perl libimage-magick-q16-perl libimport-into-perl
  libipc-run3-perl liblist-moreutils-perl liblocal-lib-perl libmenlo-legacy-perl libmenlo-perl libmodule-build-perl libmodule-cpanfile-perl
  libmodule-implementation-perl libmodule-runtime-perl libmodule-signature-perl libmoo-perl libmoox-handlesvia-perl libmro-compat-perl libnamespace-autoclean-perl
  libnamespace-clean-perl libpackage-stash-perl libpackage-stash-xs-perl libparams-classify-perl libparams-util-perl libparams-validate-perl libparse-pmfile-perl
  libpath-tiny-perl libpod-markdown-perl libpod-readme-perl libreadonly-perl libref-util-perl libref-util-xs-perl librole-tiny-perl libsoftware-license-perl
  libstrictures-perl libstring-shellquote-perl libsub-exporter-perl libsub-exporter-progressive-perl libsub-identify-perl libsub-install-perl libsub-quote-perl
  libtext-template-perl libtie-handle-offset-perl libtype-tiny-perl libtype-tiny-xs-perl libunicode-utf8-perl libvariable-magic-perl perlmagick
Use 'apt autoremove' to remove them.
The following packages will be REMOVED:
  carton lutim-ynh-deps
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 2 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
Remv lutim-ynh-deps [0.12.1~ynh1]
Remv carton [1.0.34-2]

Alrighty, lutim already uses carton’s version from the debian repositories. I’ll make a PR and come back to you

Alrighty, if you want to give this a try you can run :

sudo yunohost app install

It worked. Thank you very much for your help!

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