Corrupted mysql user base : mysql won't start

My YunoHost server

Olimex Lime 2

YunoHost version:

repo: stable
repo: stable
version: 3.4.2
repo: stable
version: 3.4.2
repo: stable
version: 3.4.2

Description of my problem

(je peux la refaire en Fr si quelqu’un veut aider mais ne parle pas anglais…)

Mysql won’t start after power failure

After a powerfailure, Mysql won’t start.

Here is what ‘sudo journalctl -xe’ gives :

As for the logs (/var/lib/mysql/domain.tld.err, last 100 lines) :

Other discussions on the forum are about corrupted DB but for them, mysql is running, which is not my case…

I tried to use @Bram 's script ( but it doesn’t work (even after I understood I had to run it as root)

I found several ‘solutions’ online, but most consist in deleting and using backup, which I have not… My DB is quite big and I wish I could repair it, instead of just getting rid of it

Thanks in advance for your help