[Community apps] ZeroTier - virtual networks

ZeroTier for YunoHost

ZeroTier is a virtual networking software, à la OpenVPN, without the need for a central server to relay all data through. It sets up VPNs where all clients are peers and can directly connect to each other. It also adapts to your devices networks configurations, and can bypass NATs and firewalls by using the SSL port, for example.

This thread presents two packages, since I did not feel mixing apps from various sources. I present here:

  • ZeroTier itself, a minimal GUI-less package that installs ZeroTier service and its command line interface zerotier-cli.
  • ztncui, for ZeroTier Network Configuration User Interface. It is a NodeJS web app used to configure ZeroTier networks. Use it to create your first network, and join it with zerotier-cli join $the_network_id. In the webapp, you can see all the devices trying to access the network, and manually allow them.

Enjoy ! :slight_smile:



These packages can be installed through:

  • :construction: YunoHost’s webadmin, in the Community listing
  • YunoHost’s CLI: yunohost app install https://github.com/tituspijean/zerotier_ynh or ztncui_ynh

Required parameters for ztncui are:

  • domain
  • public, false by default

After installation, simply open your browser to ztncui domain. Default credentials are admin and password, and are required to be changed upon first login.



  • (Personally) Investigate farther what ZeroTier can do. Right now I can ping my devices. :partying_face:
  • :construction: Make ztncui installable on a path.
  • :construction: Change default credentials, or even integrate with LDAP or HTTP authentication.
  • :warning: I want some people to have a look into how I wrote the packages before I push them to the YunoHost-Apps repository. Is it secure? Is the way I npm start the web app right?

Any contributions are welcome!