Comment éviter la redirection vers la page admin / How to avoid redirect to admin page


Après installation réussie de Yunohost sur Debian 11, la page qui fonctionnait très bien avant l’installation
redirige vers la page admin de Yunohost.
Comment éviter cela ?

After successful installation of Yunohost on Debian 11, the page which was working fine before install
redirects to Yunohost admin page.
How to avoid this?

Please fill in the support request template, and add your upgrade and NGINX logs.

Was resolved by reinstalling pgadmin4 for Yunohost.

The installation form Yunohost using the provided URL on GitHub failed

but the testing branch worked

sudo yunohost app install GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/pgadmin_ynh at testing --debug
sudo yunohost app upgrade pgadmin -u GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/pgadmin_ynh at testing --debug

Then to login, I had to give the complete mail address and its password (in other app it is only the name before @).

Then I found my databases.

Last difficulty to keep the apps running was to set the new user and password overwritten by the installation of Yunonhost and pgadmin. I found them inside the 1715 lines of the log of the installation.

Everything works fine now.

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