Commande ssh du man


j’essaye la commande vue dans le man :

yunohost ssh user disallow <username>

et ça ne fonctionne pas…

Est-ce que j’ai mal compris en lisant la doc ?

Why ?

Why do everybody thinks it’s fine to ask for help without providing any goddamn detail ?

How do you think we can help you ?

Does this commands prints nothing ?

Does it prints a big error ?

Does the server explode in a nuclear explosion ?

This forum has AT LEAST three places telling you to provide some goddamn details when asking for help

  1. When you register to the forum

  2. There’s a banner at the very top of the topic list telling you about it

  3. When you create a topic, you get a template to create a support ticket telling you that you should provide details and context and everything

Why the hell do people do not give the slightest fuck about this