CodiMD (HackMD fork) official topic



Un éditeur collaboratif de notes et diaporama, écrits en Markdown.
Fork communautaire de HackMD

Ticket global pour suivre les progrès de l’empaquetage:




A collaborative editor to work on notes and slides, written in Markdown.
Community fork of HackMD.

Global issue to track packaging progress:

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Right now the app can only be installed (yet some more test are needed) and removed. No upgrade or backup is possible.
Testers warmly welcome, but don’t trust it as a stable app yet :slight_smile:

New testing release for CodiMD :tada:

  • 14 juin 2020 - #31
    • Global upgrade of the package. YunoHost version requirement >= 3.8.1
      • Add upgrade
      • Add Backup
      • Add Restore
      • Add Change_url
      • Add LDAP authentication

If you have CodiMD already installed, you may have to remove it

sudo yunohost app remove codimd

before installing the testing version.

sudo yunohost app install --debug

:wink: 14 juin 2020…

The first bug :smile: thx

Wow great, thanks for your work! :smile:
Do you need some specific testing? Where can we help you? (I’m no coder, unfortunately…)

Tks @Jaxom99 As it is a fairely untested new app, you can help by installing it working with it, upgrading when a new version is released and writing down issues if you find something is not working.

Ok great! So far so good on my test VM, will update this thread if needed :wink:

New testing release for CodiMD :tada:

sudo yunohost app install
sudo yunohost app upgrade codimd -u